Krystin and Mercy are fighting such an even battle over the last 2.75 rounds, that it’s hard for either woman to pull ahead. However we see the return of the Death Star Sleeper! Is this enough to put Mercy away? Last time Krystin used this hold, she almost won the TV championship.

My friend Cale helped me out with some reference for this page, as there isn’t a ton of reference for the Death Star Sleeper. Cale was nice enough to break down the Death Star, so I thought I’d share that with you.
The death star choke, aka the pentagram choke, aka the five corner choke.

“The last name because there are five points on contact and pressure.

It’s a triangle from the back with a couple add-ons.

Key things are the half nelson on the right hand side and Krystin using her left arm to up the pressure of the triangle on the opposite side.

Those are the two points on top of the three in a standard triangle, hence (2+3) five corner or pentagram (shape with five points/sides).

Unsure where death star came from.  ;)”

We may never know!



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