The Syndicate never thought things were going to end like this. Conversely, Sabrina didn’t think things were going to go this way either. Everyone’s surprised! Except a certain Lil Dragon.

Call for Fan Arts!
At the end of this month Rival Angels will be taking a break until the new year. I have some posts prepped of some work I’ve been doing, commissions and even some guest posts. I thought I would share the fun with you too and express some of your favorite angels! Anyone can play and you can pick any of your favorite Rival Angels characters. Just send in Rival Angels art, cosplay, photo-manips, fan fiction (please keep to a page or two), songs, etc., to archangel[at] or my DeviantArt account and I’ll post them over the break. Please have all submissions in by Monday, November 29th.

Voting Incentive!
No big for the Voting Incentive. Just BFF being BFF. Vote to see what’s coming up! (You also can find a clue on page 87 and/or page 250.)