Shippers rejoice! Sabrina and Yoshi sitting in a tree…! What’s that they say about ‘office romances?’

Mid-Ohio Con!
This coming weekend, Friday, September 28-30th, I’ll be in Columbus, OH for the Mid-Ohio Comic Con at TABLE 1200! It’s one of my absolute favorite shows not in small part because of my friends, readers and CBUS (Jeni’s ice-cream!). So, If you’re going to the show, please come by.

Conventions are generally the only time I can do commissions, so If you’ve been waiting to get a commission from me, now is a great time.
Is there a Rival Angels character you’d love to have an original piece of artwork of? Or maybe a popular character, like Captain America or Batgirl? Or maybe your own OC? Click over here for more details!
(I currently only have two spots left!)

Voting Incentive!
Monday starts chapter 5 and a hint of what’s coming up!