Chapter 4-Page-26-Cigarettes And Alcohol

Bad boys with motorcycles is on Sabrina’s list of weaknesses and long-term readers might remember what happened last time. Will history repeat itself?

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  1. what a whore. Why dont we all just make out with everyone we know through
    random run-ins. At least get to know each other (sex doesn’t count) before riding off into the sunset with him. Gawd.

    With Yoshi, Ian and Atlas vying for her this is going to eventually get ugly.

    • “Why dont we all just make out with everyone we know through
      random run-ins.”

      That’s Brenda’s job.

      “With Yoshi, Ian and Atlas vying for her this is going to eventually get ugly.”

      Ian took his shot and got let down gently. Atlas took HIS shot, and also got let down (not so gently). While it seems to me that Sabrina is letting her focus slip, I can’t exactly see her as playing the field here.

    • Whore? She’s only smooched him. And the sun set ages ago, by the looks of things. And I think quite some time (weeks at least) have passed story-wise since they first met, so they probably know each other a lot better now.

      Also, motorcycle.

      • Maybe Im just a traditional guy who believes that a few dates are required before you get “mouth to mouth”. Even poor vincent took her out once and she made out with him afterward. Sabrina doesn’t people to think of her as “easy”(which she is).

        • Wow. I can’t believe you tried to go the ‘morality’ card route. Aren’t you quite the catch for some lucky lady? The good thing is that you and Rush Limbaugh have each other.

        • Calling her a whore for kissing someone (whom, by the way, she does know and is mutually attracted to) is not “traditional.”

          It’s sexist (and quite possibly a double standard).

        • It’s easy to be pious when you’re judging someone else. I truly feel sorry for all women that have to put up with double-standard douchebags.

        • Albone, Sabrina is not a wealthy woman demanding that other people pay for her birth control, so I don’t see the comparison to Rush as appropriate.

        • But it looks like we do have someone else who doesn’t know that a Georgetown Law student’s health insurance is paid for by her tuition, so I guess there is someone who can be compared to him after all!

        • To say nothing of the fact that “paying for birth control” is never actually the correct term when it comes to people’s health insurance coverage, because as every insurance provider on the planet knows, birth control costs far far less than pregnancy, so they don’t actually charge more for something that will reduce their own costs.

        • The comparison is in demonizing women who don’t fit into their fantasy version of how women ought to ‘behave’ and not treating them like human beings.
          Birth control doesn’t make a woman a slut. Kissing a guy that you really like doesn’t make you a whore.

        • That’s quite the straw man there, big guy. Rush made a pretty big mistake in that incident, but you’re ascribing some pretty awful motives that simply are not evident in context. There are a dozen better examples of what you’re trying to say from the headlines of the last couple years, from names at least as big as Rush’s, but they didn’t get the same outrage, because that didn’t fit the narrative.

          To say nothing of the fact that Atlas is basically a fit version of Bill Clinton or Al Gore. Too restrained to be Ted Kennedy.

          Callie, I am licensed to sell health insurance, and have worked in that field extensively. I am most likely better qualified on the subject than you.

        • Sure you are, Blitzy. So qualified that you can’t tell the difference between what actually occurred and “a wealthy woman demanding that other people pay for her birth control”. It’s funny how you’re always an expert in the field of whatever’s being discussed, never mind how apparent it is you know SFA about it. You “shed finishing moves like water”. You have keen insights into other societies, asserting that Japanese people are “perverts”, and the UK is “a decaying culture.” What a fascinating world-travelling, MMA-slash-pro-wrestling-expert, insurance salesman you are.

          Tyrannus, respectfully, people will say what they wish, and you can’t really stop them, even if it was your initial comment that lit off what followed. FWIW, though you worded it poorly, I think your intention was just to heel on Brina a bit, not argue for male privilege or engage in slut-shaming.

        • I should not have engaged you here, Callie, despite your response to my original protest of Albone’s Rush reference. Not really the place for it. If you want to debate what I can do and what I know, take it to the forum, or even PM, please.

        • Respond or don’t respond to me as you choose. If you “know” that Sandra Fluke was demanding money from others to pay for her birth control, you are wrong. Whether Al was right to compare Tyrannus to Limbaugh or not, you chose to comment here.

    • Still strange, a girl does this and his a whore, slut, etc.
      A boy does it and his a man, sowing his wild oates, etc.
      Brenda you need to kick these guys butts.  

  2. “Come on, I brought my Motorcycle” was apparently voted #2 best pickup line ever in a recent poll.
    #1 was “Hi, I’m [insert latest hearthrob]”
    I really really want to know why Ian and he fell out right now.

  3. I don’t think I’d call Sabrina a whore cause she kissed a guy, who through the brief updates (which isn’t everyday of her life) she has gotten to know. Besides it’s kind of tiring that guys are players and awesome for getting with whichever woman to women, and yet women are deemed whores. Yay slut shaming. I’ve always tried to live to each their own. It’s not my personality to hook up, kiss random people but I’m not going to call someone who lives a lifestyle not of my own a whore.
    The artwork is awesome. I love the story, I miss the other girls. I mean I bet Sun was noticing some awesome new moves and Krystin would have to be proud of the plan and calm head Sabrina took with defeating black widow.

    • “Assertive woman as whore” is a holdover to the old “woman as vessel of family/community honor” thing. It’s easy to see that it’s just as much a thing in the Westernized world as in other cultures. I can’t understand having to live with that, being a male, but it’s a shame all the same and maybe in another few generations we can evolve past it.

    • Hey Vekara! Thanks for the nice comments. Upstarts you say? Well, how about next chapter? 😉

      Sabrina’s been crushing on this guy almost since Chapter 2, and about 15 pages ago she was wishing that she’d kiss him. I guess she got tired of waiting. XD

    • I don’t think he is fooling.  He knows what he wants and the big guys are out the way.  Sort of like Warus.  The big guys take over the beach and the females and the whimps wait on the side line and sneak in when the big guy is distracted.

  4. I like the voting incentives

    Sabrina/Cocoa VS (against those two)

    voting incentive like Mortal Kombat…



  5. Yay Sabrina & Yoshi! And yes, the artwork is great. It was interesting to click the link back to the earlier comic with the last boy with a motorcyle–the art’s really improved since then.

    (Not that the art back then was bad, but it’s even better now!)

  6. Based on what we’ve seen of Yoshi so far it would be very surprising if history repeated itself, but who knows? I’ve gotten a lot of predictions about what’s going to happen in this comic dead wrong.

    I’m still curious about exactly what happened to drive a wedge between Ian and Yoshi, though. So far we’ve only heard Ian’s side of it, and I don’t remember him going into the specifics. (I think he just said that Yoshi betrayed his trust somehow, have to check.)

    • Time will tell on Yoshi, but you’re right on all counts. Ian felt betrayed by what his former buddy did. Should Sabrina and Yoshi continue seeing each other, you have to think that will eventually come up.

  7. oh damn in deed I guesstion his motives coming after  the instident with shitface  but meh  Breee is a big girl and allowed to make her own choices , just  a bit od advice  Bree dont  go all in  just yet

  8. Way to go, Yoshi!.  And I don’t think this will end last time that Brina dated a co-worker with a motorcycle, since Yoshi’s a fellow wrestler and not a referee who could make some… questionable… calls in her favor.  *Coughhebnercough*