“OVER THE NEXT FEW WEEKS.” That’s what it reads in panel 1. This is my way of moving the ball down the field, story-wise, as it were. I leave it to you to decide the outcomes. 😉

If you’re wondering, Wendy, Alia and Sayuki are all part of the FAWN federation. The guys who run FAWN always commission me to draw their characters and I thought I’d include them in Sabrina’s BRA story. XD

You also might notice that Cocoa and Sabrina were NOT on the same team. Even if BRA were deep enough in talent, it’s wishful thinking that friends wouldn’t face each other in the ring sooner or later.

What do you guys make of Sabrina’s licensing/modeling career so far? 😛 And can anyone figure out all of the characters Sabrina is dressed up as?

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