Chapter 10-Page-29-Mixed Tag

Looking back at the comments from when Yoshi first proposed to Sabrina, it seems like many readers will be happy with Sabrina’s decision. Of course, Sabrina didn’t exactly handle that in the most graceful way. More on this next update!

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  1. Panel 1:
    Yoshi: Saburina- chan (Sabrina in japanese accent) Aishiteru!!

    at least it’s not a propose in superbowl, or in BRA..

    the question is…
    will Yoshi chase Sabrina, and go the United States?

    • No he won’t, he was embarrassed and with all the camera’s on You Tube it is probably on the internet now. American Round Eye girls leaves man at the airport.

      • Whoa! As Yoshi vs Sabrina one on one??? I think Yoshi will be managing a Sabrina look a like that will have to go up against Sabrina herself. Sabrina will of course annihilate the young upstart and sass Yoshi as she does it. Yoshi will be infuriated and jump in the ring to confront her. A tense stand-off follows until they realize they love each other..

    • Maybe if he hadn’t been the Invisible Man all day and turn up at the last minute, he might have received a better response.

    • Did you look at the people in the back ground? All the hopeful faces, the excitement … then the look of disbelief…

    • Yeah…I wrote my opinion on it further down. Not a fan of the “romantic” surprise engagements. Especially when the person asking dose the whole gone without a word all day thing. Red flag. Red flag. Red freaking FLAG.

  2. Hmmm…

    Alright, I’m not Sun’s biggest fan (I would totally kick her butt *swish hair*), but I do heartily approve of the BFF huggyness.

    I do.

    A great deal of it takes place in the Upstart Nation locker room.

    Snugs are the price of admittance.


    Baby ‘Brina Watch!

    Sabrina-Ripley has decided she doesn’t like sleeping on her tummy. Given Baby Bears penchant for rolling herself over onto it during the night, Mommy Bear has returned to napping instead of sleeping.

    *sleepy yawn*

    YouTube of the Day!

    Sabrina-Ripley squeals and giggles throughout this entire song X3

    My poor Lori is already weary of it.

  3. I guess “Mixed Tag team,” isn’t wrestling lingo for “lets be in a relationship.”
    Or Sabrina didn’t get that memo.

  4. Dang, All that’s missing from Yoshi in Panel 3 is the animation of the heart shattering. It’s good to see the BFFs together again. Ever since getting back to America, it’s been one blow after another for Brina. It’s good to finally see her with something to hold on to

  5. Well that’s his damn fault for springing it on her when her flight is getting ready to leave. Damn.

    Pro tip: Don’t do that shit! A surprise engagement only works after you talked it over and confirmed that she/he WANTS a surprise engagement.

  6. *LAX? Rival Angels couldn’t afford a ticket to O’Hare from Tokyo?

    *Silly Ultramaniacs, did you really think your precious Ultradork would find love in Japan? As Yoshi had to learn the hard way, Sabrina Mancini does not know how to handle this feeling called love that is directed at her. Besides, Yoshi is no match for what is the second worst-kept secret in Rival Angels (Worst kept secret: Katherine + Jennifer. How do you think Jenn got the promotion in Hell’s Belles?).

    Sun + Sabrina Sun: Public school (even though she lives in Auburn Hills). Sabrina: There are all-female schools in Indianapolis?

    *Third worst-kept secret: Panel #5.