Happy New Year everyone!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RIVAL ANGELS! She is now 6 years old. 🙂 A year ago, Sabrina was in Japan and isn’t it fitting that it was the start of chapter 6, where Sun and Sabrina would have their falling out. Here we are for them to finally settle things and YES, these two will settle it before this chapter is done.

Year In Review
I can safely say that 2013 was WAY better for me than 2012 but there was some big hiccups. I was working 24 hours a week for two years before the company came on hard times and I was laid off. Despite the hit in income, the Mrs and I were able to make it work, but it was tough. Eventually, that company was hit hard by some unfortunate investments and I was laid off. During this time, I had to cut down to 2 updates a week, so I could fully focus on finding a job. I was still able to make a few comic conventions, but my main focus was on finding a job and during the five months of unemployment. We decided to put the house on the market, not because we couldn’t afford it, but because finding a job in my field in Milwaukee is HARD, and if Milwaukee doesn’t want me, then we needed to sell the house so we could have the freedom of moving wherever we needed and wanted.

Over 5 months, I had sent out 250 applications all over the country. Most responses were from other cities who said, ‘great resume, drop us a line when you’re setup here.’ :/ I tried to tell them that moving there would be so much better if they gave me the job first, but they wanted to employ someone that was already in their area code. Fair enough.

As it happens, the job I got was the one I didn’t apply for. Remember that last job I had that laid me off? Well a year before that, one of the guys who hired me left for another job in a nearby city. He saw that I was available and had me come up. He’s also a fan of Rival Angels! How cool is that. Anyways, they liked me, and I liked them. The job offer came on the same day that we got an offer on the house. Crazy coincidence, right? Two months later, we’re happy in our new city and at the new full-time job.

And can I just say that all that happened while maintaining the unbroken streak of consecutive updates! XD

A lot of you have asked if/when the updates will go back to 3, and I honestly don’t know. I have less time now, working 40 hours and all, but if I can make it happen, I definitely will.

Rival Angels in 2014
In March I’ll be launching a Kickstarter for the 5th Rival Angels book! It’s going to be a production, but it’ll be fun, with a lot of great stuff.

There are a couple of crossovers with some very cool people in the works. Some of these same peeps are old friends and some of them are new, but they all love Rival Angels.

Rival Angels chapters have been designed to be between 20-30 pages long, forcing me in a good way to stay focused and keep the attention on the IMPORTANT pieces of the story.

All of the Upstart girls are going to have the spotlight, though whether or not they’ll shine is up to them (and you). There’s going to be ups, downs, failures, and successes and how they cope with all of it. Of course, there will be girl drama like what’s currently playing.

What were some of your favorite moments of 2013?

What are some of your predictions for 2014?

What are you hoping for/looking forward in the new year?

Thank you everyone for your support and reading and have a Happy New Year! 🙂

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