Cocoa is too kind to offer Sabrina free Rhinoplasty, even if she doesn’t want it. These two have a lot of rage and animosity towards each other. First from their falling out in Japan, then when the Upstarts invaded BRA and here we are. Will this be the thing both ladies need to finally push past their problems?

It’s been a few days since UFC 225 so you’ve probably heard about CM Punk’s not so great outing. I was super excited for the fight, and even after the first round there was hope. The problem was that Punk blew himself early. It’s not a question of cardio, when you blow up (exertion great than your body can keep up with) your body fills with Lactic Acid to help regulate, and you need to rest to clear it. Anyways, Punk basically punched himself out and looked kinda silly in the later rounds. Mike Jackson clowned him.

I put some of the blame on Duke Roufus and the coaching staff. Punk’s punches didn’t look crisp and in fact, looked sloppy. He never should’ve punched himself out and his ground game was a disaster and there’s no excuse for this after 2 years of training.


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