If you recall, it was being reported that Brenda and Cocoa were reported being seen together, as evidenced in Panel 2. Should Sabrina care? Should she be worried what it could mean?

Originally, there was going to be a scene where Gabrielle and Michael, with some input from Brenda were figuring out who Brenda should fight for the #1 spot. Gabrielle was loath to give the chance to Cocoa or Black Widow and there aren’t too many on the roster that can challenge Brenda or Camille. In that scene, Brenda WOULD have been the one to suggest Sabrina, drawing skeptical looks from Gabrielle, and that’s where Trevor is going in panel 4. I’ll let you figure out Sabrina’s odds against Brenda, with or without Cocoa’s help.

This update is all about Brenda. Next update, we’ll hear from Sabrina!

Also a fun note, this is my buddy Trevor Mueller who is interviewing the ladies and he’s shown up in every single Rival Angels book. Trevor and I met doing what we do best, comics. Specifically, a site called DRUNKDUCK. We’ve been hanging out, doing conventions together and friends ever since. He’s -still- hoping for that ONE scene with a certain Upstart lady…



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