Lots of excitement in this update. You guys think Michael would go for one more roll in the hay with Brooke if he had the chance? If you recall, the place the Upstarts have been staying in is the same place that Brooke and Michael used to conduct their um, affair during Michael and Maddie’s engagement.

Krystin already packed? It’s like she was just waiting for any opportunity to get out…

EDIT: I failed to mention that I had to cut like, a 5 page scene about HOW the match with Sabrina and Brenda got made. Basically, it was Brenda lining up a title shot and Gabrielle trying to be fair and impartial. She couldn’t get another title shot out of the gate before Yvonne, since she gets a rematch. Yvonne certainly isn’t going to fight Brenda for a spot she already has. Cocoa and Black Widow’s name get tossed around as well, but Gabrielle shoots that down quick. So, Michael floats Sabrina’s name and everyone is like…Hmmmmmm.

And what’s with the sic burn by Michael at the end there?



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