We got Bad Blood! We had a lot going on last chapter, the last season and things are going to get intense as we enter the penultimate chapter in Rival Angels. We got the Three Fates on one side, we got the Upstarts on another and in the background is Brenda Rua. Just how these players will factor into the finish will be fun finding out.




As you all know, we’re just over 200%, looking to nab a 5th Stretch Goal and a 3rd Live Action Wrestling match. A very exciting time! Speaking of time, there’s still time to get in on the Rival Angels Kickstarter and get yourself the first half of Season 3 (the penultimate book to Rival Angels) as well as some great stretch goals like Christmas Angels, Illustrated Encyclopedia of Wrestling moves, and if you pledge MIDTIER or higher, you can get all of the Live Action Rival Angels matches. 🙂


Rival Angels- Season 3- Double Trouble -- Kicktraq Mini