The War of Attrition is on between Camille and Yvonne. For those keeping score at home, who’s winning this one? Yvonne so far as hit Camille with Nikki’s finisher last update, the Ultrakick in panel 4, and her own finisher, the Goodnight in the last panel. Is Camille superhuman or will Yvonne put this one away here?



Book 7, the second to last book in the series is complete and ready for funding. Next Wednesday, November 1st will begin the month long madness for funding! This book will compile chapters 1-4 of Season 3 and if we hit our Stretch Goals, we’ll also see the inclusion of Christmas Angels. And get this for a Stretch Goal, a Live Action Rival Angels match! Sabrina and Cocoa. 😉
If you plan on pledging your support, one of the best things you can do is pledge early. People not familiar with Rival Angels will be more likely to pledge if they see a strong start.




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