And just like that, it’s over. The shame of it is that I actually based this on an actual fight in the UFC. It was almost as sad as this. Clearly, Krystin was robbed, but what can she do? Plus, it’s her friend across the ring….er, cage. Does she risk upsetting the apple cart? Finally, does Atlas have a point? Not according to Gabrielle!

Next up: Dragon vs. Spider!!

Mae Young Classic-Round 2
Have you guys been keeping up with the Mae Young Classic? Wonderful idea and excellent execution. I’m happy to say that I went 4-0 for Episode 5 (after going 1-3 in Episode 1) though I think there were some no-brainers. I think Mercedes Martinez may have the strongest personality in the tournament, especially for the heels. That’s not to knock the likes of Toni Storm but I think Mercedes’s work is above all else. Kairi and Kimber Lee are going to be running a ways yet on the steam that’s been built up.


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