We had a lot going on last chapter!

Krystin suffered an injury fighting Danielle Perfection!

Yvonne retained her title, thanks to a time-limit DRAW.

Oh yeah, Ultradragon are the new Tag Team Champions!

And that Press Conference was a doozy, eh?

And clever, eagle-eye readers can spot some extra information via this age of Social Media. Portents of what’s to come?

Iron Fist
So I finished the latest Marvel series from Netflix, and overall I liked it. Danny was a bit whiny for my liking but I hope we’ll see him mature. Colleen Wing was pretty boss. She probably had the best fight scenes in the whole series. Night Nurse Claire was solid as always, but her dialogue was a little clunky. More from the actual dialogue as opposed to anything on her. I’d love to see a Season 2, but I wouldn’t be heartbroken if they went another direction.

I hear Jessica Jones Season 2 started filming and that makes me happy.

Looking forward to the DEFENDERS this summer!!




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