Ultradragon retains! And now with the Catgirls in their rear view mirror….waitaminute. ARE the Catgirls in the rearview mirror for Ultradragon? Closing a chapter, or opening a new one? Does Sun and Sabrina shake hands, let bygones be bygone? Do one of the teams renew hostilities with a cheap shot?


Color Help
I decided to recruit some help with the colors and the next few pages will be done by the very awesome Jules Rivera. Some of the great comics she’s created are Marsh Rocket, Valkyrie Squadron and Misfortune High. Be sure to give her some love and check out her work.


Twitch Hangout
Now that I’m back from the UK, it’s time to get on track with the Twitch hangouts! The next one will be Sunday June 25th at 11am CT. I’ll be working on a new image for you guys to check out and as always, come join the fun. We’ll be discussing Rival Angels, art, wrestling and anything else you want to chat about.


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