Krystin’s back! And in more ways than one. If you remember, Krystin was temporarily on the shelf nursing a neck injury she took in her win over Danielle Perfection. Nothing like MMA level sparring can’t rehab!

Krystin’s friend Mercy Morrison brings up an interesting proposition. Krystin vs. Mercy in the cage. What do you guys think of that? I mean, assuming that Gabrielle would go for it?

There is also a cameo of Vehzerak’s OC, Alicia Wells in panel 1. You can see a picture I did of Krystin and Alicia HERE.

Topher continues to give Krystin the cold shoulder and if you remember WHY that is, you’ll remember that he had good reason. (Man, so much was wrapped up in the Catgirls reveal over Sun’s ex-boyrfriend). Is there any chance for Krystin and Topher? Maybe back to speaking terms? Something tells me that it’ll take more than a Powerhouse Pumpkin Smoothie for Krystin to get over it.


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