The Media Tour continues as we see the world tag team champs Sun and Sabrina, Ultradragon, fulfilling their promotional obligations while being the champs. Meet and greets, late night television appearances, and of course, sit down interviews. Remember that they still need to train and defend their belts. Some would say it’s a great challenge to have, but still a challenge.

This Sunday, April 23rd at 11am CT, we’re going to have the monthly Hangout via Picarto. Last time went well and I’m looking forward to another lively event. You can watch me draw my latest image, ask questions and chat about current events on Netflix, wrestling, and everything in-between.

Patreon is back to posting updates from the main site a week in advance, and I love posting new art and process art. Is there anything you guys would like to see, or see more of? Maybe a favorite character that hasn’t been much love lately?

And please feel free to spread the word about this Sunday’s Hangout!


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