SURPRISE!  Look at that…maybe Sabrina overheard what Sun had to say? Or she just came to it on her own, the desire not to give up on the tag team dream.
And yeah, just what did happen to Krystin?

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Weirdly, this image looks almost identical to the one I used last week.  CREDIT: WWE

Weirdly, this image looks almost identical to the one I used last week.

Not a bad one! I always love when a crowd is hot, but not totally trying to get themselves over.

8 Woman Tag
The usual stuff as many women into a tag match so they all get some time. Paige was a non-factor and Charlotte rapid tapping means she’s going to keep her belt at Payback, despite Bret being in Nattie’s corner. Poor Jim.

With the Dudley’s, you ever notice that Bubba Ray’s gear is more faded than D’Von’s? Bubba’s been washing it too much.

Jericho and Sami, I liked this despite the continued jobbing of beloved Sami. Also, has Sami EVER pinned anyone with a Blue Thunder Bomb?

Apollo vs Heath and Social Outcasts. I thought the obvious choice was to make Apollo ‘join’ Social Outcast, as a fish out of water thing, while also giving the Outcasts the rub. Silly me.

The opening talk segment was actually enjoyable considering it didn’t have Triple H, Vince or Stephanie for the first time in forever. It was fresh, fun and set up some good feuds.

The segment with Karl and Luke attacking Roman makes me think that either AJ joins up with them to reform the Bullet Club, or they turn on AJ at Payback. It’d be a shame to see them turn on one of their own. 🙁

Dean vs Kevin Owens. Not sure what to say because those guys continually bring it.