Krystin doesn’t seem to be acting like her usual self, does she? Certainly not the same lady we saw in the Prologue 2 pages ago. But is Brooke’s intervention going to make things better or worse?

Also, WHY isn’t Krystin hanging out with the peeps in the ‘Ivory Skytower?’

I’m on my way to Tampa, Florida where me, Tracie, my Mom and my Nana are going to celebrate Christmas with my sister. I might not be able to respond to any questions or comments, but there’s a great chance I’ll still be able to read them.

Schedule Break-Call for Fan Arts
It’s that time of year again where Rival Angels the story takes a break from updating but I’ll still be updating with great work from YOU.  This would be a magnificent time to send them in so I can share them on the site. Deadline is Tuesday, December 22nd! Send in your Rival Angels fan art!

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