Not a lot of words, but I had a lot of fun with onomatopoeia. I hope you like the page! It was a bear to do, but it was a lot of fun.


In case you missed, I launched the Rival Angels Kickstarter for the second half of Season 2 on Monday and today we’re over 57% of goal! Season 2, Book 2 will collect the last 9 Chapters of season 2, clocking in around 240 full color pages. I’m super thrilled with the progress and not only hope that we’ll hit goal, but some of those Stretch Goals. Whether you want to get the latest book for your collection, or this is your first plunge into Rival Angels merch, take a look! You just might find something for you. Last time we hit 200% of goal!

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This weekend, March 11-13, I’ll be a guest of Anime Milwaukee! It’s in my hometown and it’s a show that gets bigger and better every year. Come see me in Artist Alley and say HI! I’ll also have books, posters (Deadpool, anyone?) as well as commissions.
But that’s not all! I’ll be doing panels with Trevor Mueller and Russell Lissau and here are our panels in Room 201CD:

6:00-7:00: Exhibit at Con’s
8:00-9:00: Ideas Into Comics

2:30-3:30: Breaking Into Comics


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Credit WWE

Becky and Sasha continue to light the way for the Diva’s division but Tamina and Naomi were good as well, Charlotte’s hater-ade not withstanding. The drawback is that the division is Charlotte, Becky and Sasha, with the rest after thoughts. I think there was one slight miscue when Becky tossed Tamina to the outside and Tamina hit the ropes weird. How do you goof up throwing someone outside? Seriously, is that Becky or Tamina’s goof?

Summer Rae…can we call it a winning streak? Granted this win could be kindly to Brie considered a cheap win, but I’m okay with giving it to Summer. Brie and Summer were solid, though that rollup by Summer was as crisp as rotten fruit, but a cool match. Still not sure what’s up with Lana, though the Nose Job finisher was pretty cool. I guess that’s what’s going on at WrestleMania?

It’s hard to get excited about Dean Ambrose vs. Triple H because there’s no way that Ambrose wins. And that part where Triple H squared off with Bray, I bet they were trying to recreate that moment when the Wyatt’s first squared off against the Shield. No, Triple H, you are not that cool. Ugh.

Jericho turning on AJ was meh. I mean, I guess it’ll be a great Wrestlemania match but it was a little sloppy in how we got there. Maybe the Bullet Club shows up?

One thing I definitely was happy about was Sami Zayne! I like him a lot, but like Becky, I have a feeling being a fan is going to be painful.