Yes, it’s Brenda Rua…wearing Cat Ears, though only for this update. XD
Sabrina seems excited by this development.
How do you think Gabrielle feels about all of this buzz?



Monday Night RAW

Remember when we were scratching our heads over Paige losing to Summer Rae a few weeks ago? Still wondering what’s up with that. I was ecstatic to see Becky and Sasha face each other. Despite loving both ladies, I really want to see Becky go over though I know that’s a serious longshot. Like Dean Ambrose winning the title, long shot but that’s what wrestling fans do, dream. Anyways, there were a couple of miscues (what was Sasha thinking on that Baseball Dive?) but all in all a good match. The finish, which meh, was executed well. Of course, we saw that on NXT the last few weeks so no real surprise. Just make the WM match for the Divas title a 3-way and let’s move on.

Brie vs Naomi was good. Naomi needed that win pretty badly and it was relatively clean. The feud with Lana is interesting and intriguing with Brie. What’s also interesting is all of the other Divas on the roster not getting any time either. :/

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