Flashback time to when the Upstarts first started out and just like the last update, a little bit of a reminder of who the players are, what they’re doing and how we got here.

Schedule Reminder
Rival Angels updates on Wednesday and Friday! Caribbean Chaos updates on Monday! I’ll figure out something to post on the off-days.

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PATREON is a crowdsource funding platform to enable fans and readers to support their favorite artists and creators. I’ve finally decided to create a Patreon page with the main goal of investing those funds back into the comic. Have all of the books already? This is a great way for you to help support Rival Angels.

We already nailed the first Milestone and we’ll be having a Google Hangout on Sunday, August 23rd, where we’ll talk Rival Angels, wrestling, comics and anything else the Patrons come up with. How soon until we hit the next Milestone? You might have that answer. 😉

Voting Incentive!?
We’re going to try something a little different. Still previews of the upcoming pages, but feel free to do that by going to the usual Top Webcomics, OR, the Rival Angels Facebook Page. Whichever one you use, don’t use, use both, neither, it’s all good.