Ah, Wizard World Chicago 2010 was a lot of fun.

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Trevor Mueller, Russell Lissau, Scott Heinowski, Steve Wallace and John Bivens. Seriously cool guys and they were a lot of fun to hang out with. There was much laughter, Jack and take out food.

Buying books

It’s the first time that I exhibited on a Thursday and I was surprised that there were buyers! I figured it’d be a ghost town but there was some light traffic. Friday was the best day for selling Rival Angels books though it was a lot busier on Saturday. Sunday started off hopping mad and I got to speak to Mike (OnyxSparrow) and Cori, a fan of Shadowgirls, The Dreamer and Rival Angels (clearly some great taste there). I also got to speak with other regular readers like jabberwocky and Chris C! I always love speaking with readers, getting feedback and just shooting the breeze.


Speaking of Shadowgirls and the Dreamer, I got this super sweet sketch of Sabrina from the super awesome, Jenny Frison. I hope she keeps her pimp hand strong for when she accepts her Harvey Award this Saturday for being nominated for her covers on The Dreamer. I was happy to see Dave Reynolds make a surprise appearance to the show and catch up a little bit. It was fitting to meet D-Rey there after seeing D-Rod at C2E2.

Trevor and I also did a quick little interview for Bleeding Cool.com. Check out the video interview here.

I also got to meet friends of mine like Michelle and her boyfriend. She picked up a copy of Rival Angels and then chopped Trevor down like a tree. W00t!

Turns out that Russell and I share a pal in the ever popular and talented Kristen Allen. Now my WUMB collection is complete after getting pictures previously with Carly and Spidey.

I did some fun commissions at the show and here are some fun ones I did of Cheerleader Melissa (for ChrisC) and Black Canary.

And of course, the cosplayers. Can you have a convention show in this day and age without these comic costume worshipers?