A great time hanging out with Keith, Michelle and even Trevor hung out for a spell. My feet were killing me after the second day but it was worth it. I got to meet some very cool people, some delusions I had were tragically dispelled and hanging out with friends in person was criminally too short.

Friday was jumping and I gots to meet alot of fine folks interested in Rival Angels. Saturday had way more people and was way hotter. Ask anyone, it was stupid hot. Sunday, I got to walk around and get a few autographs like my Dreamer books, early Freddie Williams comics/books and chatting with my friends over at the UFO, the Daves of Shadowgirls and Scott and Benita Story. Dave and I have a fun little something in the works. Well, really Dave, I just have to contribute a small part. 😉 It should be smoking cool.

Of course, what con weekend would be complete without the requisite boozing and the silliness that comes with the boozing. I just have to remember that I’m not 17 anymore. Mores the pity! Take a gander at the fine photos below.