Incroyable!  What a weekend.  It seemed to fly by with the quickness but as I rolled up to work this morning I thought, ‘Damn, what’s the security code to get in.’  Meaning it felt like a long time since I’d been to work, so, not so bad after all.

Randy and I have gotten better at packing and traveling to WWC.  When once we used to haul many boxeslike we were moving in, we got it down to a couple of bags and one funny shaped triangle box.  So, we rolled in Friday AM, late as usual and found this.


It was brought up later that me being at the top of the list was probably because I ordered the table. That’s crazy talk if you ask me though.


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Check out the set up that we had cooking up for the show:




Matt was a fun guy, we exchanged a few high fives after sales, because we’re pro’s like that. I have no idea what Randy is doing. What IS he doing? It looks like Lora’s counting all of the Nathan Hale fan girl notes she’s received.







Ah yes, I shared a table with Mike and Lora Innes.  Mike does the behind the scenes tasks for the The Dreamer while Lora takes care of the writing, drawing, color, lettering… producing The Dreamer.  The Dreamer is a dynamite read.  Go for the wonderful art, stay for the excellent story.

Chris Oatley (not pictured) is a crazy good painter and better still, went and ordered take-out for the table.  General Tzo’s Chicken!!

Michelle Timian (not pictured) needs some serious prodding to put the way cool The Elevator online, in print, smoke signals, something! I don’t know much about it but I know I want to read it.

A lot of times your con experience is dictated by who your neighbors are and I had some great ones.  When I wasn’t questioning Lora on her art acumen like a 60 Minutes interview, I got to chat with Mike about incredibly guy-topics like php, pdf’s and cartoons!  Lora and I had some fun discussing each others characters particularly Nathan Hale and Brooke Lennox.  I like ragging on Nathan Hale (He’s a punk! LOL), and Lora doesn’t quite care for Brooke or her fashion sense.  Good times though, and in fact, Lora even launched my Rival Angels pitch at a few customers too.  Way cool and I’d be a sucker if I didn’t post the A-FREAKING-MAZING commission I got from her:

The freaking bomb


Randy and I went on and on about the awesomeness as she was drawing it.  So much so I overlooked her crowding the table:





My side, the dark side and Lora on the white side.  See the deliberate crowding?!!

The Spiderman key chain is cool though, so the pass on this is in the mail!

Seriously, good fun at the table.






I was fortunate enough to have my Wrecking Crew friends stop by.  They volunteered to bounce anyone to the curb if they got out of line.  So don’t come to the Workshed Table causing trouble or the Wrecking Crew will lay a beating.  See how I look small compared to them?









My guy, Trevor, here looking like he just got picked on the Price Is Right after purchasing himself a fine print of Brooke.  I know Trevor from Drunkduck and we talked the weekend and even partied a bit after hours at the Hyatt.  He’s got a couple of webcomics, Temple of A Thousand Tears and @$$hole.  One of them is semi-autobiographical and one is an adventure story.  I’ll let you figure out which is which.
















For the drunkduck homies that weren’t there like Amanda:










Now I did get out and about at this fair con, check it out:


Chicks with swords!!  They also wanted my email, but that couldn’t be good.














Elektra and Black Canary. Elektra may make a good Brooke model…hmmmm….










But hot damn, who did I meet over by the Media guests….GAIL KIM.  Criminally, there was no one talking to her when I came a strolling over. So, I went over to Gail, handed her a copy of Rival Angels (and she thanked me and said she’d read it that evening) and took a picture with me and signed a picture of herself.  It even had XX’s and OO’s!  By the way, Dawn Marie took the picture of us.  So I thanked her and then I died and melted away.


Other highlights is that I got to see an advanced screening of Gotham Knight, the anime about Batman.  Standing room sucked, but it was spectacular and I’ll be picking up my copy of it in about 10 days.  Had a few words with the likes of Rob Liefled, Dan Didio, Greg Rucka and Sean McKeever (originally from Wisconsin) so that was fun too.  Plus, no hangovers and comp Hyatt breakfasts and it was a dynamite weekend.

Oh wait, there WAS one other thing… if you care to see me being kissed by a MAN…. click here.  He kissed Lora too, but that’s not even the same thing.  At all.  Not even a bit. *kicks rock, shuffles feet*