Webcomics Weekend 2009

For those that didn’t know, I flew out to Northhampton, MA to partake in the first ever event. It was a lot of fun and I got to meet some cool guys. Thanks to the power of the interweb, I was able to meet up with Jason Sigler and together we hit the Friday night pub crawl. We met Jim (no webcomic….yet) and Chris (CD) and together the four of us drank Guiness and Pabst along with consuming large quantities of seasoned fries, deluxe nachos and french fried potato chips. You know, bar food. Oh yeah, we did meet some other guys like Joe and Art of Jack of All Blades. All up and down Main street we walked and chit chatted with the likes of Danielle Corsetto and Spike.

Late night and early morning, Saturday didn’t start all that great especially because Jason was volunteering at the events and me looking for a ride, decided to go along. See, I wasn’t really going to volunteer, but after I got there, I figured I had some time to burn anyways. John and Greg had contacted Jason and myself about getting a ride, and so, a new foursome we were!

I think I should have had a shirt that read ‘security’ because I was helping out with Registration (i.e. keeping people from jumping the line) and/or watching the donation box. I was shooting to rope off the entrance area, ala Studio 51 and instead of letting people in on the registration list, decide on looks and attire if I’d let them in. I wouldn’t let that power corrupt me either, nosiree.

Funny story, eventually everyone left me by myself. Yeah, not so funny, until I had to use the bathroom. I was tempted to leave registration unattended, but there was the pesky responsibility of the donation box. Eeep. I didn’t really want to take it with me in the bathroom because, man, did the bathrooms reek. Worse than any bathroom has a right to stink. It all worked out and I got to meet some people and check out some panels. I also got to check out the ‘green room’ aka Meredith’s office and tear up some junk food and soda. Yum.

On the way back, I noticed a bewildered looking Dave Kellet. Ironically, I emailed him about a certain ‘reader’ question I had and he wrote me back the day before, saying that I should ask it at the panel. Anyways, Dave is lost, looking for the bathroom and on the far end of the establishment. I say that I’m headed that way and can show him the way. I drop that that we emailed and bless his heart, he refrains from the call of the wild (bathroom) to break down my question and really give me a great answer. So great an answer, I really didn’t need to ask it anymore at the panel. Thanks again, Dave Kellet.


Moving right along, I went and got the first Evil Inc book, c/o Brad Guigar. He was very cool and I got to chat with him for a minute. I was very flattered that he remembered Rival Angels from a previous Webcomics Weekly Podcast (#44 maybe?) and that I advertised on his site.

Look for part 2 on Thursday!!