Every month and usually more often than that, I usually write to you all about voting with the side buttons at Buzzcomix and the Top Web Comics sites. Basically, by you voting, its a low stress way for you to support Rival Angels in getting in front of more and more readers.

I want to thank everyone who votes every time they visit the site, when it updates and especially those who vote every day!  Thank you very much.

And its paid off.  On Buzzcomix, its hard to break the top 100 but so far we’re hovering around 78.

And not too shabby over at Top Web Comics:

I certainly don’t think we’ve peaked by any stretch either.  Hopefully, Rival Angels will continue to get in front of some new readers who dig it. So thank you everyone who’s been voting, I really appreciate it.  This weekend I’m hoping to get some wallpapers done for download (thanks to MGC for that suggestion) as well as few other cosmetic updates around the site.