Yes, we (Wisconsin) just had our primaries and of course I voted, but now I want to talk about the webcomic top lists! I wanted to give a thanks to everyone who’s voted for Rival Angels so far in the sidebar at TWC and Buzzcomix.

The last time I brought up voting, Rival Angels was when we were at about 315 and these days we’re hovering between 155 and 190, so thank you very much for voting!

For those that don’t know, TWC and Buzzcomix are webcomics toplists where people go to find new webcomics. Naturally, the more votes you get, the more exposure you’ll get. So if you enjoy Rival Angels, think about voting for one or both and help support the site.  Plus, it’s super easy.  Click on the link and then click to confirm.  Done.

And, there’s always some sort of Voting Incentive!  Currently you can see a piece I did of Sun on one of the voting sites and Sabrina on the other.  Vote and take a look!