Silk Spectre

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I went and saw the Watchmen movie on Saturday and I liked it. They did jack up the original ending but it wasn’t a complete bust, they kept to the spirit of the original series. My only real complaint was Dr. Manhattan. That CGI of his REALLY sucked in my opinion. He resembled who he was supposed to resemble fine, but the CGI just looked crummy, but it might’ve just been me.

The acting was good. Not great, but good, well except for Jackie Earle Haley. Whoa, that guy was KICK ASS, he really nailed the Rorschach performance. Easily the most enjoyable part of the film, though Malin Akerman is a close second. XD  Let me say again, that Rorschach is the man, and is the greatest part of the movie.

There was also a brilliant fight scene in the prison with Silk Spectre’s hair flying and Owl Man’s cape doing the same.  We’ve seen that fight a million times, but this one was special for some reason.  I completely indulged on that guilty pleasure. 😀

By changing up Ozy’s costume, I felt that they foreshadowed the end a bit too much, but then Watchmen has been around for 20 years, you can’t really complain about any sort of spoilers.  Read the book already, lazy bones!

The soundtrack was very good, if not a bit on the nose.  They took the most literal take on the moment and said, ‘oh, let’s play this.’  Cool, great tunes, but it kinda was heavy handed.

Was it Dark Knight or Spiderman? No. It was better than say either Hulk movie or say, either Fantastic Four movie. In fact, if I had a buddy who hadn’t seen it, I’d consider seeing it again, if nothing else for Rorschach.  Bad. Ass.

Watchmen, Owl Man, Silk Spectre and Rorschach.
Rorschach the bad ass