Vote icon Today in the America’s we have our national election for a new president and its every American’s duty to go out and rock the vote.  Minus the lame MTV slogan of course.  There’s been a lot of garbage in DC these last eight years and i’m not sure any of that is going away, but if you don’t vote yourself, you’re letting some other knucklehead speak for you and that’s….that’s not cool.

So kick the tires and light the fires and vote your little hearts out.  Who knows, that guy with the pretty redhead girl might be me right behind you! XD

And hey, has anyone else been enjoying the SNL skits lately?  The skit a few weeks back about the Obama Variety Show was hilarious!  Darryl Hammond does an outstanding Bill Clinton.

Oh yeah, and if you uh, want to vote for Rival Angels using the cool buttons to the right, that’d be cool too. 😀