Today’s offering is from longtime reader JPIV and he’s got a great short story about a couple of Valentine cuties (and I totally love the ending. XD). You can also check out more of his material on the Rival Angels forum! Check it out, it’s a good afternoon’s read. Thanks JPIV!


Finally it’s my day. Sara Valentine thought as she pranced down the Rival Angels arena backstage, here red haired pigtails dancing to either side of her. Valentine’s Day is my day to shine and nothin’s gonna stop me. Then suddenly Sara’s good mood was broken as she turned the corner and saw something very upsetting.

“What do YOU think you’re doing?” Sara exclaimed pointing to the cupid outfit wearing Vanessa Holiday.

“Hey Sara, just getting dressed up in today’s holiday fashion. You like?” Vanessa replied doing a slow turn in her cupid outfit.

“You can’t be doing that!” Sara yelled. This is MY day! There’s only one Valentine in Rival Angels and that’s Sara Valentine.”

“Yeah if you like used up broken down crumpled valentines maybe. But I am the real Miss Valentine today.” Vanessa countered.

Shaking her head furiously as her pigtails whipped around in like fashion and pointing to herself Sara exclaimed. “I’M MISS VALENTINE!”

Shaking her head back Vanessa countered pointing to herself, “No I am Miss Valentine!”

Stomping her foot to the ground Sara yelled back “NO I AM MISS VALENTINE!”

Getting in Sara’s face, Vanessa yelled back. “NO I AM MISS VALENTINE!”

The two were about to come to blows when a third voice interjected itself into the shouting match. “Enough you two.” As Commissioner Gabrielle stood in the hallway, flanked by her assistant Michael, went on “There’s only one way to get this out of your systems.”

“A match?!?” the two grapplers yelled at once before turning to glare at each other once more.

“No, hug it out.” Gabrielle replied simply.

“What?” the two again said in unison.

“We have a full card already so we don’t have time for a bonus match between the two of you. So just hug and put this behind you.” Gabrielle insisted.

“But…” Sara said

“No buts, I’m in charge here so you do what I say. Get on with it.” Gabrielle insisted.

The two stood glaring at each other for several moments, looking back at Gabrielle who was growing more impatient by the second. Vanessa looked at Sara, Sara glared back pouting. They both looked back to Gabrielle who made a ‘get on with it’ motion. Then both of them taking a deep breath, the two grappler’s shoulders slumped, resigned to the inevitable and hugged. As they did Gabrielle nodded her approval.

Next to her Michael whispered, a bit too loudly. “Now kiss.”

Michael never did remember how exactly he ended up waking up outside the arena covered in garbage an hour later…