My friend Lora Innes got her book The Dreamer picked up by the very cool publisher IDW (they do such great comics such as Angel, Star Trek and 30 Days Of Night) and you can pre-order it now through the Previews catalog.

Now if you’re not familiar with Previews, that’s not a problem.  What you can do is take the order code into any comic book store (or even Borders, B&N, etc) and tell them to handle it.  If you’re not all into writing things down and taking it in, I got this sweet little pdf for you to download, print out and take it to your nearest comic book store and they’ll handle it faster than you can say, ‘Shazam!’  Go ahead and click the link and see for yourself.

Now you might be saying, ‘Albone, that’s great but I don’t know the nearest comic store near me.’  See, I got you covered.  Check out this link here , put in your zip code and BAM!!  List of comic book stores in your area.  You can probably even call them up and say, ‘Look man, hook me up with The Dreamer.  Can you dig it?’  The only catch is that you got to get your order in by September 13th.  Sure, you can hope that they order extra, and they may be able to place an order for you late, but if you want a copy, and I think you do, you’ll want to put this order in, sooner than later.

I’m serious too, check out this page below and judge for yourself if this might be something you want.  If nothing else, check out the pages at her site over at and judge for yourself.  The page below is what made a believer out of me, its the bombdiggity.

Adventure, Romance, War. 1776 is back. The Dreamer: A webcomic by Lora Innes .