TGT Webcomics is a weekly (thursday night) podcast by webcomic readers for webcomic readers. Kurt Sasso and Phil Hofer have a powerful love for the genre and media that is evident in each and every podcast.

Every show has a special guest and they talk about what goes into making webcomics as well as special nuances, upcoming events and general discussion. They’ve had some really great guests on the show, including the Daves from Shadowgirls, Phi Foglio, Scott Story, Jules Rivera and of course, myself.

Personally, I listen to TGT at work but you can also listen in live. The great thing about that, is that you can call in, or partake in the chat room and ask questions and interact. The shows are always lively and entertaining, plus you get to learn a little more about your favorite creators, as well as the great hosts. This also goes for webcomics that might be new to you, as you might just discover a new addition to your RSS feed.

So check them out this week as they chat with Holly Reisch from Close to the Chest. And maybe go back and listen to my interview with them. XD