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Let me just say that I thought it was an awesome movie, but at first I thought it was kind of choppy. It seemed like a six issue mini-series combined into one movie with bit about Scarecrow, China and then the conflict of being Batman.

And I also thought this was picking up like, 4 days after the first one, where it was like a year later and Scarecrow is a glorified drug dealer. The last bit with the bat sonar and that it was too much power seemed a tad forced, like hitting us over the head with the morality of the situation. Not bad, but it took me a minute to get into the groove.

Joker. Awesome part. Joker showed up and after the pencil trick, BOO-YA. Man, Ledger did such a great job that I kinda forgot it was him playing Joker. Then the end came and I thought, no more Ledger-Joker and I got a bit bummed. But Ledger was on! Joker was so bad ass from beginning to end. I swear I marked out every time he growled, ‘Why so serious?”

Aaron Eckhard did a phenomenal job and could’ve stole the show! But then, Oldman and Caine are superb actors too and could’ve stolen the show too. When Rachel got it, I was like WOW, anything CAN happen, but they didn’t have me fooled for a second that Gordon was dead. Odd how they went out of their way not to show his daughter. Bring on the Batgirl!

I also thought Batman was a bit too talky. Lots of great Bat moments, the ending was awesome!!! I’m hoping for another one though the writer has already said that HE won’t be writing it unless he can top the first two movies.


Man, Whedon does it again, what a wonderful mini. Being a Whedon mark couldn’t take away some initial skepticism about a villain sing along blog but wow, was it awesome. AWESOME! I forgot that Nathan Fillion was in it too until he showed up as the hero and holy balls, was it funny. Anyone catch when Penny sings/asks at the end of Act 1, ‘I wonder what you’re Captain of? ” Just dying!! Super funny, super good. Naturally, I paid the $4 for the download from Quicktime because that’s a mad good deal.

I don’t know that we could have more Dr. Horrible considering how good the ending was but I wouldn’t say no. The actors were all top notch and the songs were solid. It even made me go watch Buffy’s ‘Once More Time With Feeling,’ which I really loved.




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