To really do good line work you need good reference.  A point that my teacher and mentor likes to point out:


     “Too often I see someone trying to use reference for a body part thinking that’s all they need for the entire pose. Most everyone but the masters of this world DOES NOT have the experience nor the understanding of physics, anatomy, form, contour, lighting, weight, density, foreshortening, perspective and all the other intrinsic necessities for a good drawing without reference. Face it, it’s just not cataloged in the brain in a readily accessible manner. You have to research it. You will not be able to produce something passable by memory. Only masters can, and you know what they always do? That’s right! They use reference! They set up their own models and photos, set up their own lighting, research reams and reams of photographs and are constantly referencing all sorts of media to ensure they can transfer what is in their head to what is on the canvas. Now if every single great artist in the world utilizes reference, don’t you think it might be a good idea for your work?”


So I went out and looked for some good stock and I found Hannah’s DeviantArt account. Now, you may have noticed that Hannah (Spiked-stock) has been posting here in the comments as well as drawing dynamite looking pictures of Ultragirl (seen in the current Voting Incentive).  Anyways, I thought I would share with you how Hannah’s stock photos have been helping me out.

This one is a favorite of mine, and is used in tower banners around the web.


I haven’t shown this one off yet, but it’ll be the next voting incentive.  Of course, it’ll be colored up.


Still in the rough stages of this one, but its a dynamic shot.  Way cool.


I think this one will turn out well, a picture I’m doing of Krystin the ‘Definition of Technician.’

So a big thanks to Hannah for these crazy cool stock photos.  I wouldn’t have done them as well without you.  So take a gander at some of her awesome pictures, you’ll be glad you did.