Today’s contribution comes from longtime friend and reader, Kurt Sasso from TGT Webcomics podcast! As you can see by the date on the story, he wrote this a while ago and I really like it, but I just haven’t had time to work with it. Also, this is only part of the story between these two rookies, just enough to whet your appetite. Enjoy!!

Snow Angels – Development league of Rival Angels
Written by Kurt Sasso, 2010

Character Sheet:

Name: Jo “Frostbite” Sinck, friends call her ‘Jo’

Age: 22

Martial Skills: JJ, Karate, Muai Thai, Kendo

Style: Technical wrestler; speed / accuracy over strength

Finisher: Gogoplata called “Hypothermia”

Height: 5’5”
Weight: 120lbs (not sure what’s proportional to her size)

Hair: Dirty blond, short

Eyes: Hazel

Primary ring outfit colour: Royal Blue

Secondary colour: Light grey

Record: 18-5



Started training in martial arts since the age of six, under multiple sensei’s in the same dojo. They were tough but she liked the discipline. They however had a secret that they kept from her until she stumbled on it. They were HUGE Rival Angel fans and even dressed in their favourite wrestlers colours… Sabrina, The Champ, Brooke and Sun.


She then focused her time and efforts to bring herself up in the Snow Angels Developmental league.


Name: Anne “Ember” Fiero

Age: 21

Martial Skills: Greco Wrestler / Dirty Boxer

Style: Tactical and sometimes Heel-ish; strength over speed

Finisher: Thunder Fire Powerbomb called “Inferno”

Height: 5’11”
Weight: 135lbs (not sure what’s proportional to her size)

Hair: Natural red head, short to mid length

Eyes: Grey

Primary ring outfit colour: Black

Secondary colour: Blood Red (#990000)

Record: 18-5



Father was a 4-time Olympic wrestler, 2-time gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze (he feels was his only failure and trains his daughter hard as over compensation) Ember was picked on in school for being too tough and resented men. Met up with Jo in developmental league and they became friends out of the ring and bitter rivals in the ring.

Page 1:
Panel 1:

Narration: There’s a few things said about Canadians.

<group shot of all things Canada, flag, maple syrup, hockey, Beaver, Polar Bear, Peguins, Caribou>


Panel 2:

We are passionate about Sports especially Wrestling.

<shot of a few Canadians like Trish Stratus, Xtina Carpenter, any other female Canadian wrestler you can find/think of. >


Panel 3:

If you don’t believe me, then you’ve never been to a match

<wide panel flying elbow drop from the main characters in the story connecting with a double clothesline.>


Page 2:

Panel 1: Narration: This is a tough business

Either one being body slammed


Panel 2:  Competition as fierce as a winter in Winnipeg;

Being held back by other wrestlers in the dressing room, screaming at each other


Panel 3: As strong as a polar bear in the Territories

thrown from the top of a cage into the announcers table


Panel 4: People always ask, if it’s worth it…

Standing toe-to-toe, eye to eye, ref in the middle looking sheepishly

<bottom right corner> I’ll let you decide


Page 3:

Panel 1:

Jo: “I’ll take 2 XL Double double’s, a Boston Cream…

Anne: “…and an Apple Fritter.”

Panel 2:

Anne: “You know that Boston Cream is 250 calories.”
Jo: “This coming from the Apple Fritter poster child.”

Panel 3:
Anne: “Seems like yesterday we were starting out in this business.”
Jo: “Are you going to tell the kids to get off our lawn?”


Panel 4:

Anne: “Hush you. <tongue sticking out> I know your dad.”

Panel 5: packed house (for an arena in Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Screen showing Frostbite vs. Ember on the screen

Jo: “Time to get to work.”

Page 4:

Panel 1: Announcer’s table live ringside

Chris “Crazy” Walshe: “How’s she going me trout? ‘nother great show tonight. Got our lovely commentator Michelle “Lightning” Stone, how’s she be?”

Michelle: “Hey Crazy! Take off, hoser.”


Panel 2:

Chris: “I strolled in, felt the electricity in da room, she hit me like a bolt; Thought the meter was running quick.”

Michelle: “The fans have been waiting for this, a long time.”


Panel 3: Frostbite is meditating

Chris: “Ten matches and both are square.”


Panel 4: Ember is pacing, anxiously

Michelle: “This one is going to be a barn burner.”


Panel 5: shot of their eyes side by side staring at you. ( O . O )  ( O . O )

Chris: “As me near sighted Gran used to say: Look over there.”
Page 5:

Panel 1: On the big screen pre-recorded; Frostbite (FB). Fans cheering her name.

FB: “This match is a long time coming. There have been great wins and great losses. I’m calling you out Ember. Cause your world is about to get a bit colder.”


Panel 2: FB comes out to blue fire works on walkway, fans cheering.


Panel 3: On the big screen pre-recorded; Ember (Em). Fans cheering her name.

Em: “I came here to win. That’s all that I’ve ever come here to do. Sure, this is for the fans. This is more for myself. Stay out of the ring, I’m going to light you up.”


Panel 4: Em comes out to red pyro on walkway, fans cheering.