Continuing the story from Monday is Kurt Sasso’s Snow Angels!

Page 6:

Panel 1: Bell rings, Ember takes offensive

Irish whip, clothesline FB

Panel 2:

Pulls FB by hair up FB throws a punch and hits the jaw

Panel 3:

Em takes it and doesn’t flinch, just smiles

Em: “That tickles.”

Panel 4:  crowd cheering for FB

Em to FB belly to belly suplex, for pin, 2 count


Panel 5:

FB kicks out, Crowd chanting for FB


Panel 6: slowly gets to feet in background, Em is scowling at the fans


Page 7:

Panel 1: momentum shift adv. FB

FB rushes forward with


Panel 2:

FB lands a flying knee hitting the mid section


Panel 3:

Gasping for breath holding stomach, Em has wind knocked out of her.

FB: “Bet that hurt.”

Panel 4:

FB follows up with a high punch low punch combo (throwing both fists at once)


Panel 5:

Em blocks the high punch but gets hit solar plexus


Panel 7:
FB hits with a Bulldog


Panel 8:

Lands and rolls for a quick cover


Panel 9:

1… 2… shoulder raised


Page 8:

Panel 1:

Announcers table:
Chris: “Wow, they’re really going at it. No one’s leaving here for a while.”

Michelle: “Why? You have some where to be?

Chris: “Not unless you’re offering.”

Michelle: “This is the best action of the night. More than you’ll be getting.”

Panel 2:

FB has Em in the corner and proceeds to punch repeatedly in the face.


Panel 3:

FB heads to the top rope and is doing a vintage Undertaker move/walk with Em wrist in hand.


Panel 6:
Em jolts the top rope causes FB to slip (hey, it hurts for all genders) Crowd groans

Em: “Not my fault, act of Newton.”

Page 9:

Panel 1 – 2:

Em climbs up and sets up and hits a suplex


Panel 3:

Both are on the mat, ref starts the count

Ref: 1…. 2….  3….


Panel 4:

Crowd chanting both names

Chris: “They be slugging it out from the gong.”

Ref: 4…. 5…..


Panel 5:

Ref: 6…. 7….

Michelle: “Get up!”
Chris: “Hey now. Settle down there Lightning.”
Michelle: “Stuff it, I’m commenting.”


Panel 6:

Em stirs, FB stirs

Ref: 8….


Panel 7:

Em sits up, seeing FB on the ground


Panel 8:

Em signals for her finisher

Crowd roars


Page 10: The end … or is it?

Panel 1:

Em grabs FB by the throat and sets up for a Power bomb slam.

EM: “It’s been fun, light’s out”

FB: “Hrrkk”


Panel 2:

Em lifting her up, FB is kicking gasping for breathe


Panel 3: wide shot of power bomb

Em: “Inferno!”

Power bomb hits


Panel 4:
FB wide eyed mouth open in shock


Panel 5:
Em leans over FB between her legs and pins FB with one hand on her.

Ref: 1…  2…


Panel 6:
Em eyes are wide open


Page 11:

Panel 1:

FB legs lock Em in her guard

Michelle: “Wait, what’s happening?”

Panel 2:

FB grabs back and locks Em arm in place

Chris: “There’s no way she can do that…”

Panel 3:

FB locks in Gogoplata

Michelle: “Does she have it?”

FB: barely a whisper “Frostbite”


Panel 4:
Em: trashing her feet around

Em: “Tap!”


Bell Rings, crowd roars, standing ovations