In and out of the story, Sabrina remains one of the most popular characters in Rival Angels, and that makes sense since she’s the main protagonist in a small ensemble cast. It’s been a long time since we recapped Sabrina’s origin and with big plans on her horizon (remember Gabrielle’s message to her, ‘…with conditions.’) I thought this would be a good time and with some amazing art work from Chamba and Lora Innes!

sketch_for_albonia_by_lastscionz‘Ultragirl‘ Sabrina Mancini
Height: 5’7″ Weight: 135 lbs. Hair: Blond Eyes: Green Hometown: Indianapolis, IN Wrestling Style: High Flyer
Signature Move: Ultrasplash (Corkscrew 450 Splash)

Sabrina is an athletic and brassy young woman who dreams of becoming a headliner for Rival Angels, the premier female wrestling federation in the United States. Sabrina is a hard worker who’s committed to making her dream come true while she wows the fans. Picked to share room and board with three fellow rookies as she begins her pro career, Sabrina must find a balance to her life outside of the ring while excelling inside it.

Sabrina is originally from Indianapolis, IN and attended Penn State University on a rugby scholarship before dropping out to pursue wrestling full-time with the Biloxi, MS developmental division of Rival Angels.

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