Mistress Dark started her career in the Biloxi Developmental system as ‘Cheerleader Misty Ashley.’ Cheerleader Ashley was a bubbly and vivacious character outside of the ring, but she was often defeated, soundly sometimes, in side the ring. She decided a makeover was in order and after taking 11 weeks to rededicate herself both physically and mentally (including some cosmetic surgery), Mistress Dark debuted. Success didn’t happen overnight and lost several more matches. Finally she put together a string of victories and was called up to the main roster by Michael Welker.

Height: 5’7” Weight: 155 lbs.
Hair: Purple Eyes: Red
Hometown: Darkness
Wrestling Style: Power
Finishing Move: Black Abyss (Double Arm DDT)

Mistress Dark’s first appearance was a while ago, but it was a good one for her! (not so great for Sabrina)
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