Easily the second most popular character in Rival Angels, I thought it might be a good time to refresh everyone a little bit about Sun, as well as share some wildly awesome art I commissioned from Lora Innes (and I think I need some more) and she even wrote her first Rival Angels story about her HERE.

‘Lil Dragon‘ Sun Wong
Height: 5’4″ Weight: 113 lbs. Hair: Black Eyes: Brown
Hometown: Detroit, MI Wrestling Style: High Flyer
Signature Move: Atomic Fission (Shooting Star Elbow Drop)

Sun Wong is a sassy and cynical young woman from Detroit, MI. A bit of a troublemaker in school, Sun always enjoyed physical sports, despite her smaller stature. After a chance encounter with her wrestling idol, Sun was inspired to take a chance and become a wrestler. Sun went outside of the Rival Angels developmental system to train with Akira Superstar, a hugely popular Japanese wrestler, in South Carolina and became the champion of CCW.

Sun is unconcerned with popularity, saving her few positive interactions with the rest of the world for Sabrina, her best friend in Rival Angels.

You can also familiarize yourself with Sun’s backstory HERE!

The Lil Dragon Sun Wong

The Lil Dragon Sun Wong

Sun Wong and Liz Winters.

Liz Winters (The Dreamer) and Sun Wong.