Definition of Technician Krystin Moline

Definition of Technician Krystin Moline

Krystin was one of the first to get her own ‘fan club’ which shows her popularity, especially among the fans of technical wrestling, and/or women wrestlers with direct attitude. Hopefully, everyone is enjoying the bigger role that she’s got in Season 2, from being the TV Champion to crawling her way into the social strata that is Gabrielle’s skybox.

Krystin is a native of St.Paul, MN and sticking to her roots, joined the Rival Angels Developmental division in Minneapolis. Krystin had been training for 14 months before being called up to the pro division. Krystin is head strong, smart and talented, giving way to her self-titlted ‘Definition of Technician’ ring persona. Krystin is also unapologetic in her demeanor, ever the alpha-female.
Height: 5’8″
Weight: None of your business.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown Hometown: St. Paul , MN
Wrestling Style: Technical
Finishing Move: Texas Cloverleaf (submission

Page 500 was more than just a milestone, it was a big match in Krystin’s career as she took on Schoolgirl Sara Valentine HERE!