Some really cool news, the fine folks over at Drunkduck have featured Rival Angels!  What’s cool about that is they pick a few comics every week out of thousands and put them on the front page as recommended reading.  Not only that, but the ever cool and awesome skoolmunkee had this to say about Rival Angels:

“That’s right, it’s a comic about beautiful women who wrestle each other for fun and profit. Is there a problem with that? I didn’t think so. Of course there is more to Rival Angels than that. For instance, main character Sabrina Mancini is stuggling to get her career going despite professional and personal rivalries… But really, a comic about revealingly-clad babes getting all rough and sweaty with each other? What are you waiting for? (Admit it, you wish this comic was yours.)”

Thanks Drunkduck!