I had a moment to surf around the internet and come to find that there’s not any regularly updating wrestling webcomics, so that lead me to believe that Rival Angels is the #1 Wrestling Webcomic on the web.  So yeah, its unofficial and probably more than just a little egotistical but I don’t think its untrue. 

However, if you do a google search for ‘wrestling webcomic‘ the first page is dominated by Rival Angels, so yay! 😛

In years past, there have been other wrestling webcomics and comic books but a lot of them were just plain silly.  WCW had Marvel comics produce a comic for them and it included Lex Luger trying to blow up a boat that Sting was on.  What kind of crap is that?  Kevin Nash had a comic book where he was a futuristic bounty hunter.  Go to the link to read about that stinker.  Undertaker had a comic where when he tombstone piledrove someone, he would send the demon inside of his opponent back to hell.  


It seems that wrestling in comics has to be slap sticky, nothing resembling wrestling as we know it on television.  The name escapes me but there’s a comic out in Mexico (published through Image comics) about lucha dores who go out and clean up crime in the their neighborhood.  I haven’t read it so I don’t know how it is, but I don’t get why a comic can’t have wrestling action in it.

That being said, there are some good wrestling webcomics/comics that are out there.
Headlocked by Mike Kingston takes a look at pro wrestling from a behind the scenes, warts and all look at wrestling.  This comic came out last year and the next one is coming out later this year and I believe will be collected into a trade paperback.

Diablo Del Ring by Justice (who frequently posts in the comments section here) is a splendid lucha libre tale.  Its not updating at the moment but he’s going to try and get weekly updates going again. The art is nice and smooth and looks to be very entertaining.

Fallen Angels is a groovy little comic on wrestling, but we haven’t seen an update since February.  I hope it comes back because it was very cool. The art was rough but nice.

Definitely check these cool sites out, they’re great reads and have the kind of presentation that is sorely missed in comics and webcomics.