I got the news this weekend while I was at Anime Central that Randy Poffo, aka Macho Man Randy Savage was killed from an apparent heart attack and car crash. Like many of you, I followed the Macho Man as a kid and grew to appreciate him more and more as I got older, being able to see the kind of work that went into the ring work and his mic work. This was something I realized when a bunch of my friends came over to watch the Macho Man DVD I picked up last year and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Savage always gave us entertaining promos, whether he was a baby face in the Mega-Powers or a rotten heel as the Macho King, hooked up with Queen Sherri. And can we forget about all of the tension (sexual and otherwise) between him and Miss Elizabeth. Sadly, all of them are gone now.

I hoped for a long time that Macho would come back or make one more appearance. Certainly at the inevitable Hall of Fame, right? It didn’t happen. We did get fantastic glimpses as he voiced several animation projects like Space Ghost to his short lived Rap career, to his big time appearance in Spider-Man.

Macho hasn’t been around in quite a while but I think wrestling fans around the world will really begin to feel his absence more than ever.

Rest in peace, brother. Oh yeah.