Dave Reynolds surprised me with this awesome picture of Sabrina and I just had to share it with you. While of course, it’s hot, it also encompasses a lot of what’s been going on in Sabrina’s life this season. Can you find all the little easter eggs?


Sabrina in bed with all of her toys by Dave Reynolds

Dave was one-half of the super crew that brought you Shadowgirls and I know for a FACT that Shadowgirls and Rival Angels shared a lot of the same readers which prompted us to work together a time or two. Sabrina even had her own card in the Shadowgirls card game, Don’t Wake Dagon! Sadly, Shadowgirls the webcomic has come to an end for now but you can still some of Dave’s sweet, sweet art over on DeviantArt.

Becka and Brina

Sabrina and Becka, getting ready to lay that cosmic smackdown on some candy, probably fishy, ass.

Every teamup starts with a fight first.

Lil Dragon Sun Wong vs Lindsay the Destroyer!

Sun and Lin Lin working together.

Sun and Lin Lin working together.


Don't Wake Dagon! Ultragirl Sabrina card!

Don’t Wake Dagon! Ultragirl Sabrina card!

Dave's colors over my lineart!

Dave’s colors over my lineart!