-I immediately picked out Captain America and Mario. :P-

The second biggest anime show in America, with an attendance of just over 32,000 people/otaku and was the destination for me and my friends last weekend, Otakon 2012 in Baltimore, MD. The place was a MADHOUSE and I mean that in the craziest, nicest way possible. The attendees were very happy to be there. What’s not to like when the con is open until ELEVEN PM at night? lol

-Tim’s kicking the table (?) and what has Shaun’s attention? Some Mer, maybe?-

-Bea (on the banner behind Lora) approves of Lora’s message.

I was fortunate enough to be in the same row as Tina B, Lora Innes, Linda Kelso and Adam and Comfort Love! Being with people that I like and admire made a great weekend even greater. And most of us all shared the same townhouse rental as roomies. Best. Time. Evar. *confetti*

Everyone experienced record breaking sales and Rival Angels was no exception. I sold out of Box sets. I very nearly sold out of books. Postcards, gone. Prints, posters and commissions were also no exception. WIN!

-Could it be that this Rival Angels reader has glimpsed the future between Sun and Cocoa?

A huge perk for me as a creator and for those that love webcomics is that there’s a bunch of us together under one roof. Like Savannah, Julie, and Anii, all who do some criminally awesome work.

We didn’t get to do any panels together this time, but it’s always awesome to see Sean and Sara from Spinnerette! If you’ve never checked it out yet, go ahead do yourself a favor. You can thank me later.

Sara as Spinnerette’s Greta Gravity!

I also got to hang out with Jim and Brian from FAWN!  Now, you might be asking, ‘where are all of the pictures of you guys together?’ Well, remember at the end of the movie ‘Hangover,’ where they check out the pictures on the camera. Yeah, JUST LIKE THAT. XD

The thing about inside-jokes is not everyone gets them, but the ones that do get a laugh like no other. Without further ado, I bring you my tablemate continuing a family tradition of encroachment. Throw the flag!

-I can’t help but think Lora had a hand in this, even if on a subconscious level.-

The awesomeness was off the charts. Is it right, is it feasible, is it crazy to expect a repeat performance in 2013? I don’t know but I think it’s worth a try. Let’s do it again next year, eh Baltimore? SEE YOU THEN.

(Tim, Tina, Albone, Tracie, Linda, Lora, Shaun (with Bea behind him) Comfort and Adam)
-What is Bea doing to Shaun’s ear?-

Enjoy the pics of YOU and your fellow attendees!