Only a few weeks ago, I made my first visit to Universal Studios! (We didn’t get around to Disney, but we’re saving that for next time). We went over a Monday-Tuesday so the crowds were really light, plus it threatened to rain on Tuesday. It didn’t, but that didn’t really encourage a lot of people to come out. The only time I got wet was on the Jurassic Park ride.

Now anyone that knows anything about me, knows that I like comics so you can bet that I was enjoying all of the fun, geeky stuff to be had at Universal. I’m pretty sure I spent an hour at the comic shop, knowing full well there are several comic stores in my neck of the woods, like LWOW, but yeah, a good 60 minutes and even bought a few things. No need to fret for the Mrs. She was busy shopping too.

I only really came on as a Harry Potter reader in the last few years or so, not really starting the books until after the Half-blood prince movie came out, but I really dug Hog’s Meade. They did a fantastic job on it and they had Cauldron Cakes! Fantastic. The HP ride was pretty fun too, though all-in-all I have to say that the smoothest ride was the Simpsons. The Men In Black ride was okay, but I liked it because I racked up more points than anyone else present. Pew pew pew!!