This week’s voting incentive has the Fatal Four Way poll leader herself, the Lil Dragon Sun Wong.

Lots of voting talk here, eh?  With Voting Incentives and wrestling polls.  Well, the voting incentive is important because the more you all vote, the higher ranked Rival Angels is.  This is great news because Rival Angels gets some exposure to people that might not otherwise hear about the comic.  Its good for you because of the weekly voting incentive, which this week is Sun, and knowing that you’re supporting the comic.

What’s great too is that its really easy.  You click on one or both of the voting buttons in the sidebar.  Then, you’re asked to verify that you do indeed want to vote for Rival Angels and then you get to see the voting incentive. 

Happily, you can vote once per day, and its a great way of supporting Rival Angels without costing you anything but a couple of clicks.