Kelly Melcher over at checked out Rival Angels and liked it so much that we did an interview!  Check out one of the coolest Rival Angels interviews yet!

I’ve been meaning to post some SHIMMER pics but my main computer is in the shop and I’m waiting to get it back to go through the hundreds of pictures I took. If I get a chance I’ll  put some up because I got some great ones.

The WCRA Awards are wrapping up on Saturday the 14th.  Have you voted?  It only takes a minute and there’s some great Rival Angels nominations like Best Supporting Character (Sun), Best Antagonist (Brooke/Chloe) but there’s also some other great nominations that deserve some love like Scott Sava of Dreamland Chronicles (Author Congeniality), The Dreamer (Design, Art, Supporting Character-Nathan Hale) or Xylia (Best Antagonist-Tychia).  Good stuff. Participate!!  You’ll be glad you did.