New Voting Incentive!

Starting the month off right with some Voting goodness from Chumba (lastscionz) Vote to check it out!


The Rival Angels Forums is heating up.  Besides the usual chit chat, there are some new threads to post about.  Got a good idea for a sign to hold up in the crowd of a Rival Angels event? For example:

“Sun stole my sign!”
“Brooke fears sweaters”
“Ultrasplash Me!”

If you’ve got an idea, let me know.  I might use it in the crowd of an upcoming Rival Angels event.

That’s not all going on in the forums.  The Krystin Moline Fan Club is a fun place to post, not just to visit.  Krystin’s been known to answer some questions. XD

Another good topic to follow is the past Voting Incentives/Fan art thread.  I’m going through the stash and posting some goodies from this past year.

I finally got hooked up on Myspace and wow, are there ever a lot of girls on this thing. O_o  If you have a spot on there be sure to come add me as your friend.

Blizzard Brawl
This Friday I’ll be attending Great Lakes Championship Wrestling ‘Blizzard Brawl!”  Man, it should be cool.  Booked to be there is Kevin Nash, Al Snow, Christy Hemme, Traci Brooks, Jerry Lawler and a lot more.  AND I’ll be handing out Rival Angel mini-comics before the show!  If you’re going to be attending, be sure to grab a copy.



SHIMMER Download
Over at the SHIMMER forum, President Dave Prazak has a 17 minute introductory SHIMMER video for your download.  Its free, and its 131 MB, so you’ll want to download it to your desktop before firing it up. is where you can download this FREE video right now!